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Conferrence TopicsFlood Risk Analysis

Flood generation mechanisms
Assessment of extremes
Flood defence infrastructure reliability and failure
Economic assessment of flood impacts
Human and social impacts of flooding
Risk tolerance, acceptance and resilience
Systems analysis and modelling
Flood inundation modelling
Sediment movement and morphological change

Flood Risk Management

Institutional and governance arrangements
Policy development, including the EU Directive
Safety standards, risk sharing, insurance, social justice and equity
Spatial planning and land use management
Use of future scenarios for social and environmental change
Environmental impacts and opportunities
Flood alerts, forecasting and warning
Infrastructure management, inspection, maintenance and renewal
Civil contingency planning
Emergency response, temporary defence and evacuation
Relief and disaster management
Public communication and understanding of risk
Education, training and professional development

Decision Support

Long term planning
Flood event management
Design criteria, scenarios and ensembles
Uncertainty representation, estimation and integration into decisions
Integrated decision making

Real cases

Use of portfolio of measures
Transnational issues
Combination of flood sources
Examples from flash floods, lowland river floods, urban floods, pluvial floods, tidal surge, coastal storms

Papers outside these areas will be considered by the Committee
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